CryptoStudio provides unbiased reviews of leading crypto services providers: 67+ criteria, neutral and transparent! For more financial sovereignty.

The CryptoStudio Check compares different crypto services providers to help you choose one that fits your needs. Our main goal is to provide unbiased reviews. CryptoStudio is and will remain independent to make crypto more transparent and safe for our users.

The idea

The crypto industry has suffered from fraud and cyber attacks in the past. Many crypto platforms have "grown up" by now, but still, as an investor, you have to remain cautious. Even established platforms differ significantly in their professionalism, product offerings, and risk management practices.

Keep in mind that the crypto industry is still partly unregulated, with little to no government oversight. It also lacks a truly independent watchdog. CryptoStudio wants to close this gap! We believe market oversight does not have to be governmental and each individual is responsible for their own financial decisions and their financial sovereignty!

Where can I find the CryptoStudio-Check?

If you visit our platform reviews, you will find four main categories: The crypto lending review and the exchange review give you a list of the most relevant providers in the respective market. Additionally, we have compiled a list of the best crypto newsletters and crypto podcasts to keep you up-to-date.

CryptoStudio Reviews CryptoStudio Reviews

When you click on a crypto lending or exchange provider, we take you to a subpage with all the information you need. This is where you find the CryptoStudio Check, a detailed evaluation of each provider based on various criteria.

CryptoStudio Check CryptoStudio Check

Transparent and unbiased

We analyze each provider based on different categories such as security and user experience. For each provider, we show an overall rating and a score in the respective category. This way, you can compare different platforms based on the categories that are the most important to you.

In each category, you will find different criteria. As we describe exactly what we looked for in each provider, you have full transparency. Overall, the CryptoStudio check is based on 67 criteria today [as of May 2021], and we are constantly expanding it.

To keep the rating unbiased, we mainly compare hard criteria: What security features do the providers offer, are assets insured, how high are the fees? The only category that includes a subjective component is the user interface rating. But again, we've described the pros and cons of each provider, so you can decide for yourself what matters to you.

If you need any additional explanation of what exactly we compared in each criterion, you can hover over the info question mark to get more details.

As the market evolves quickly, both the criteria and the ratings will change. To stay up to date, we recommend you subscribe to our social media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn, where we post regular updates.

CryptoStudio Interest Rate Update April 2021

Crypto Lending Reviews

The Crypto Lending Reviews compare the leading crypto lending providers. Together with the interest rate table and our Lending ABC, the CrypotStudio is your starting point to the world of Crypto Lending. Cash flow on your cryptocurrencies? Every crypto investor should take note!

Our Lending Reviews mainly includes CeFi providers. The only DeFi provider included is currently Aave. Today, most investors feel more comfortable with CeFi platforms, but this may change over time, and we will adjust our reviews accordingly.

We also explain how to get the maximum interest rates on savings accounts or the minimum loan interest rates. The conditions differ depending on the provider and also change regularly. So keep checking back from time to time to stay up to date.

Crypto exchange reviews

Our exchange reviews aim at both experienced investors and beginners. We present you the leading crypto exchanges with their advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect exchange platform, but you have to compare the platforms based on the criteria that matter to you.

Exchange Check Exchange Check

To make it easier for you to register with an exchange, we will soon provide explainer videos to guide you through the registration process step-by-step. Stay Tuned!

Newsletters and Podcasts

The crypto ecosystem is constantly evolving, and you should stay up-to-date. You don't have to be an expert, but you should understand the basics. That's why we've compiled a list of the best crypto newsletters and podcasts that will provide you with up-to-date information.

Some of these newsletters and podcasts focus solely on the crypto ecosystem. Some focus on Bitcoin, others on Ethereum or the whole range of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you'll also find financial markets-focused shows that also cover cryptocurrencies. There is something for everyone on the list; try different shows and decide which one suits you.

CryptoStudio is for you! We welcome any feedback. There is a suitable platform for every user type: beginners, advanced users, and professional crypto investors. Take a look at our reviews and give it a try!