The CryptoStudio Team

A team of techies, startup founders, finance guys, and crypto enthusiasts from Germany. We stand for an unbiased, undogmatic, and user-centric approach to crypto finance

Our Core Values

Integrity & Honesty

We’re investors and users, sharing our knowledge and honest views.

User-first approach

We are united with our community to deliver the best value for everyone.

Objective & unbiased

We look at cryptocurrencies without any dogmas or technological bias.


We want CryptoStudio to be the place where people seek professional guidance.

Long-term conviction

Blockchain is still early-stage; we’re in for the long term, not just for the hype.

No politics

We don’t indulge in politics but focus on delivering value to our users.

Tim Keding

Tim Keding

Expertise: #product #people #orga #strategy

Habitat: Berlin, Dubai, Poland

Maximilian Apel

Maximilian Apel

Expertise: #coding #solving #thinking

Habitat: Berlin

Lukas J. Hofer

Lukas J. Hofer

Expertise: #analysis #content #communications

Habitat: Germany, Thailand

Markus Fordemann

Markus Fordemann

Expertise: #creativity #content #marketing

Habitat: Ibiza

Sören Martius

Sören Martius

Expertise: #engineering #security #trading

Habitat: Berlin

Daniel Steuer

Daniel Steuer

Expertise: #analysis #content #community #specialevents

Habitat: Berlin, Duderstadt

Sebastian Schuhl

Sebastian Schuhl

Expertise: #blockchainmarketing #inboundmarketing

Habitat: Munich

Tom König

Tom König

Expertise: #engineering #infrastructure #security

Habitat: Mainz, Berlin

”Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

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